How many ordered pairs of integer (x,y)(x,y) are there such that their product is a positive integer less than 100.

  • A.546
  • B.636
  • C.1090
  • D.946

Answer: D

Given 0 x and y are either both positive or both negative.

Also given (x,y) is not equal to (y,x).
If x=1, y can take values from 1 to 99
⇒ we have 99×2=198 pairs but (1,1) is repeated
Thus can take 198−1=197 pairs.

If x=2 , yy can take values from 2 to 49
[(2,1) and (1,2) are also covered in 197 pairs above].
⇒ 48×2−1=95 pairs [(2,2) is repeated]

If x=3 or y=3 we have 61 pairs
If x=4 or y=4 we have 41 pairs
If x=5 or y=5 we have 29 pairs
If x=6 or y=6 we have 21 pairs
If x=7 or y=7 we have 15 pairs
If x=8 or y=8 we have 9 pairs
If x=9 or y=9 we have 5 pairs

We have total 473 pairs when x and y are positive.
We will have 473 pairs when a and b are negative.
⇒ We have a total of 946 ordered pairs.

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